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Report on annual activity

Portrait of Fred Graber.
(Fred Graber)

Since last last UNICA the Friends received news per mail twice. Thanks to Rolf Mandolesi, who addressed many individually by post mail. Several exchanges of correspondence took place.

State of membership

At the end of July we count 112 members, (56 individual members + 28 couples). New members: Magali and Guy Capuano (FRA)


Please see the UNICA Treasurer's Report (Read it here as a pdf.)

The meeting of UNICA Friends:

This took place on 28.08.2012 in Ruse. After a delay caused by the jury discussion we started immediately with a hearty dinner. In parallel, Helmut Ludwig talked about his collection of the entire film oeuvre of Jan Baca, which is available on DVD. Jan Baca considered UNICA as his family, but for practical reasons he had to leave. For three decades Jan not only proved to be a great author to UNICA, but he also put his expertise at the disposal of the Committee. Then we screened an excerpt from the 2012 Austrian TV show on the work of Baca, which was made in collaboration with Horst Hubbauer. Followed by the film "The Spirit of Baca" from Fred Graber, presenting a selection of his archives with scenes of Jan at UNICA. Many thanks to Wolfgang Freier for logistically difficult but perfect support.

Finally the UNICA President Georges Fondeur said having changed his mind for 180 degrees after seeing this film, while praising the work and its authors. For the reception, the cashier work and the administration we could once again rely on the effective help of Ursula and Thomas Kräuchi, as well as that of Ursula Graber. Many thanks.

Un-met wishes

We always seek the initiative of a person or group to organize a special meeting of the Friends of UNICA. This could again be paired with a meeting of the committee. Your initiatives are welcome.

Ursula and Fred Graber
August 1st. 2013