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UNICA Medal of Honour


Portrait of Betty Jennings.

This year’s UNICA medal has been awarded to someone who has been a very active member of the IAC for many years.  She has worked at club level, regionally and nationally, for well over 40 years, organising events and participating in BIAFF judging.  In particular, she worked, along with her late husband, with running both the Stoke club and CEMRIAC (IAC's Central and East Midlands Region). 

During her years as a member of Stoke Cine & Video Society Betty served as the only woman Chairman, and later as Social Secretary.  She attends most of their meetings.

Betty has served on the CEMRIAC Council, which she has also chaired, since its inception, frequently hosting meetings at her home.  She has been on the organising team for every event run by CEMRIAC.  One of her great attributes is the ability to negotiate amazing deals with hotels and other venues where both regional and national events are being run.

For several years, back in the days when BIAFF was run as the London Amateur Film Festival, she, and her husband Jack, hosted the judging sessions at their home, providing accommodation and meals for about 15 people during three weekends.

Betty has served on the IAC national Council and Management Committee.  She was IAC Fellowships Officer for a number of years and was, herself, awarded a Fellowship several years ago.

For many years, Betty attended the annual UNICA Congress where she became well known and gave great support to the IAC contingent.  She was also a regular visitor to other overseas festivals, including Malta, Argarve and Guernsey.

We are very pleased for this opportunity to recognise all her work for the amateur film making community over the years.