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Portrait of Jan Vačlena .

Jan Vačlena Dipl. Ing. has been working in the field of non-professional film making for many years.

He started in his younger years and still makes films today.

He has won many awards for his works in the Czech film contests. He was also a chairman of the film club in Hradec Králové. He organized many film competitions and film festivals from that position.

He also took part in the world film contest UNICA 1996 in Hradec Králové.

He is a chairman of the VIDEOHOBBY editing commission. That magazine is published by the Czech UNICA Committee (ČVU-CSNF ČR). He also takes the role of the head of that society for a second time.      

Membre du Conseil International du Cinéma, de la Télévision et de la Communication Audiovisuelle auprès de l'UNESCO
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