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Travel to the Czech Republic

Blansko is about 30Km North of Brno. It lies in South Moravia. The Czech Republic is bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and Shengen Treaty, so it allows entry to the country for tourism to citizens of other EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland. Citizens from many other countries can apply through visa centres. (Click for details.) Visas are not normally issued at the border.

Note all the prices, times and travel options shown here applied in October 2017 and may change before September 2018.


The nearest airport is Brno–Tuřany about 35 minutes from Blansko.

It has direct flights from London Stansted and Munich.

You can book flights from a great many places with Lufthansa/BMI (they code share) via Munich. That way you can check your hold bags all the way.

Until recently there were  flights from Eindhoven, but Wizz Air has announced these will stop.

The UNICA2018 organisers plan for shuttle buses to meet the flights on Friday 31st August and take us to Blansko.

If you cannot take advantage of the special UNICA bus, take the regular airport shuttle bus (E76) outside the arrivals hall to Brno. The trip takes 20 minutes and costs about 1 Euro.  It stops near the Central Railway Station (hlavní nádraží). From the station there are frequent trains to Blansko. The journey takes about half an hour and costs less than 2 euros. Some sample trains:

14:01 14:28
14:14 14:42
14:29 14:56

There are two train stations in Blansko: Get off at the first one: "Blansko" not "Blansko město"

Vienna-Schwechat airport in neighbouring Austria offers a good link to Brno. There are flights to Vienna from a great many airports around the world.

Turn right out of the arrivals hall to reach the bus station. At platform 2 is the Student Bus company stand. Every couple of hours an air-conditioned coach goes to Brno. The coaches have videos, hot drinks and a toilet. The fare is about 9 euros and the trip takes 2½ hours. You arrive in Brno a few minutes walk from the main railway station, where you can take the train to Blansko.Sample bus times:

Vienna Airport Brno Grand Hotel
16:20 18:50
18:20 20:50
20:20 22:50

If you prefer rail travel, you can instead take an airport bus or train to central Vienna. From the main station (Wien Hauptbahnhof)  take a train to Blansko. There are a few direct trains, mainly with the Regional Jet service (private trains run by the Student Bus Company!) to Blansko but most need a change at Brno, some need changes at Breclav and Brno. For example:

Wien Hbf Blansko change at
17:10 19:16 Brno
18:10 20:28 Breclav & Brno
19:10 20:59 -

You will usually get a better price booking those trains through Czech Railways than Austrian Railways.

Václav Havel Airport Prague has flights from most parts of the world.

From the airport take the Airport Express shuttle bus to the main railway station (Praha hlavní nádraží).  It runs every 30 minutes and takes about 35 minutes and costs about 3 Euros. There take a train to Blansko – about 2.5 hours and costing about 12 Euros.

Some trains go to Blansko, with others you must change. Some sample trains:

Prague Central Blansko change at
12:52 15:51 Česká Třebová
13:55 16:39 -
15:55 18:43 -
17:22 20:28 Česká Třebová & Letovice


There are some direct trains from Prague and Vienna, but often getting to Blansko means you must change trains at Brno. Czech fares are low and you can book online.

For a helpful guide to using this booking system click on "The Man in Seat 61". The same website also offers tips on doing the whole journey by rail if you wish.

Blansko offers good taxi services. During the week shuttle buses will run between hotels and the kino.


You can drive to Blansko. Check with your motoring association about the documents and kit required. The police are very strict on speed limits.

There are good bus connections to Brno from within the country and from other countries. Look out for good prices at the Student Bus company - which, despite its name, is not just for students.

Pictures from Wikimedia Commons