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7th September 2018

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Committee Members Attending

Dave Watterson (President)
Jeanne Glass (Vice-President)
Bernhard Lindner (Vice-President)
Jacqueline Pante (Secretary General)
Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer)


Tatyana Alahverdzhieva
Zeljko Balog
Mitze Chapovski
Wolfgang Freier
Franka Stas

Also Present

Jaroslav Kolcava (President of the Czech UNICA Committee)
Tatyana Alahverdzhieva (Friends of UNICA)
Wolfgang Freier (UNICA Patronage)
Serge Michel (IFTC Liaison)
Odilon Dubost (Translations)
Romy Van Krieken (Translations)
Stefan Eich (Translations)
Hana Staňková (Translations)

Not Present

Paweł Łęski  (Adviser)
Rolf Mandolesi (Adviser)

Members Present

Czech Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom

Portrait of Serge Michael.17. Report of the delegate to I.F.T.C. /C.I.C.T.

Serge Michel, the vice-president of CICT reported briefly about the compilation he prepared since he is a delegate of C.I.C.T.

The UNESCO membership and the relationship between UNICA and UNESCO has been referenced on the occasion of the visit given to the UNICA by the mayor of Blansko on the 6th of September 2018.

It is the 80th UNICA, this year the 20th Fellini medal will be given. 2018 is as well the 60th anniversary of C.I.C.T as it has been founded in 1958.

80,60,20 interesting numbers which animated him to trace back the history of relationship between UNICA, UNESCO and C.I.C.T. I am pleased to hand you over a compilation and summary of the reports I had the honour and pleasure to present you since 1998. The first page shows the 20 medals given to UNICA movies. The next pages show the reports I had the pleasure to introduce. You’ll notice that C.I.C.T has up and downs. Currently the board of the C.I.C.T seem to be rather in a down, they need to find again members and actions to keep their activities.

I wish you a good reading of the report which has been sent earlier, as well of the little brochure I prepared for you.

18. Election of the committee

The President asks the new candidates to choose raffle tickets for the order of their presentations. Wolfgang Allin, Eugy Van Gool, Zuzana Školudová , Mike Whyman, Andrzej Przeździecki.

Break 15:35 – 15:50

The election is divided in two sections. The first is for President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary. First I would like to give a chance for the candidates for Vice President to present them.

Portrait of Andrzej Prezdziecki,Poland - Andrzej Przeździecki, I am very happy to be here with you today. I am connected with film and cinema for 20 years. My main profession is German teacher in Poland. Thanks to my connections with the cinema I work a lot with younger people. I have worked with several film festivals in Berlin and was twice in the jury in Senftenberg. I had the honour to be part of the organisation of two UNICAs in Poland: Danzig and Warsaw; and I have the fortune to live in Koń, where the oldest film festival in Poland is held and where I had the pleasure to meet some of you.

In Poland we have 6 big festivals, some of them under Patronage of UNICA. What fascinates me about UNICA is the variety of films that are shown and the many conversations that are possible.

Portrait of Jeanne Glass.France - Jeanne Glass. I live in France. My film career began with film teaching in a secondary school in France. I was also animate of the youth organisation. I was president of Southern Region of our Federation for 15 years and nowadays I am still part of the administrative council of the Southern Region and I also worked with the French Federation to promote UNICA and its values, which are very close to my values. I think culture is very important to establish relationship between people. In UNICA this is so important, for me it is absolutely incredible to see and meet people from former Eastern countries.

As Vice President I enjoy going to several festivals, being part of the jury, sharing my experiences. I am lucky to speak several languages and to be available as I am retired teacher. I hope to continue to work with and for UNICA. I have three children, my husband is a doctor, who is always with me at the UNICA. I hope that in future we will have more people, we are working for this, especially in the Southern region.

Portrait of Bernhard Lindner.Germany - Bernhard Lindner. Some of might know me from the juries. For 12 years I am Vice President among the German Federation where I am responsible for juries and competition. The knowledge I have been able to achieve in these years was helpful to write the handbook. I have built the handbook from scratch and it aims to be a guideline for the organisers of forthcoming UNICAs. The handbook is a living document as it will be constantly updated with learnings. I love competition and juries, in future, I would like to put the hands on the UNICA jury regulation. It is not about reinventing the wheel, but to become even more transparent and useful for all of us. This is my aim for the next three years.

The voting slips are passed around. The vote is valid if a mark is given. Blank means void. The maximum of votes for the Vice president is two. Each job is voted for separately.

Voting results for the board of UNICA
Dave Watterson confirmed as President with 23 votes
Thomas Kräuchi confirmed as Treasurer with 23 votes
Jacqueline Pante confirmed as Secretary General 23 votes
Vice-President Bernhard Lindner 15 votes -Jeanne Glass 14 votes and Andrzej Przeździecki14 votes.

5 Abstentions

Second vote for Vice President between Jeanne Glass - Andrzej Przeździecki
Jeanne Glass 8 votes
Andrzej Przeździecki 14 votes
1 vote nill, 3 voids
Andrzej Przeździecki Poland has been elected as Vice President and thanks for the confidence.

The second section of the voting is for the advisors.

The new candidates are asked to introduce themselves.

Portrait of Eugy Van Gool.Belgium - Eugy Van Gool. I am Belgian. I would like to work for UNICA in order to support the implementation of the UNICA future strategies. I offer my experience in technique, digital tools, administration and communication. Among the UNICA environment I see that each country organising a film festival has to put a lot of time and effort in setting up yearly recurrent administration tasks. In my opinion this could be centralized and standardised. Communcation could be improved as well as in the registration. Using communication tools which are now used by younger people. Technical questions and suggestion would be paramount to me.

Portrait of Suncica Fradelic.Croatia -  Sunčica Fradelić is not personally present. She introduced herself via video. I am involved in the Kino club of Split. I have been part of the jury in Dortmund a challenge which I enjoyed very much because of the different voices worldwide and the passionate audience. I am honoured to be a candidate and I would be happy to serve all the countries with my experience as film maker.

Portrait of Wolfgang Allin.Austria - Wolfgang Allin. I am member of an Austrian film federation. I grew up in a culturally oriented family, I studied architecture. Through culture I came to the filmmaking and have the luck to have a creative wife, who has a lot of film ideas. Some movies came to UNICA, my first one was in Zagreb. I had the honour to be part of two UNICA juries. And I have been auditor too. I guess I know a bit of have some UNICA insights. The major interest of UNICA is to catch more audience, to be attractive and to bring in younger people. There are many ways to achieve this. There has been some intransparencies in the decisions of the UNICA strategy. A topic which is important to me, is the fact that I see filmmaking as an art. If we go to cultural events I always see that the directors there take video as for granted, whereas as we sit in the dark room to watch movies. We have to work on that, we have to include other arts such as literature and music. We should open our dark room and develop UNICA as a happening. This is one of the goals for my work within UNICA.

Portrait of Zuzana Skoludova.Slovakia - Zuzana Školudová . I think you know me already. I come from Slovakia. I studied philosophy and aesthetics and worked for more than 20 years in the Ministry of Culture, and I am responsible for amateur photography and movies in Slovakia. What is my connection to UNICA: two UNICAs organised. What else: we organised several times committee meetings in Bratislava. I want to keep the communication alive not only as languages.

Portrait of Mike Whyman.United Kingdom - Mike Whyman. My interest in becoming a member of committee is to be able to promote amateur rules. Amateur is often seen as amateurish. We are very aware that some amateur films are absolutely superb. It is important to point this out to the general public. Within the IAC we have a close relationship with the only film archive in UK recognised by our government. We will be able to show some of our films on a TV series in a new TV channel. Another reason why I would like to be involved is because UNICA is coming to Britain.

The president explains that the advisor Paweł Łęski was withdrawn by his National Organisation. There are maximum seven votes available.

Not all the delegates voted for the maximum possible votes.
Voting results

  • Tatyana Alahverdzhieva 19
  • Wolfgang Allin 17
  • Mitze Chapovski 20
  • Suncica Fradelic 14
  • Eugy Van Gool 18
  • Zuzana Skoludova 22
  • Franka Stas 20
  • Mike Whyman 14

Second ballot between Suncica Fradelic and Mike Whyman with just one vote for each candidate.
Suncica Fradelic 10 - Mike Whyman 11

Applause for Jean Reusch and Josep Rota for counting.

President Dave Watterson congratulates the new
committee members and invites them for a meeting after the GA.

19 - Admission of new members

There are no firm proposals for new members. We have been in contact with Ruanda and Portugal. We are waiting for the Statutes from Portugal.

20 - Discussion and vote about the proposals submitted by the Committee:

There are no proposals from the committee.

These are draft Minutes awaiting approval by the 2019 General Assembly

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