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Report of the Friends of UNICA

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Dear Friends of UNICA,

After our last meeting in Suceava, Romania, we stuck to the UNICA calendar.

The committee met twice, in October 2016 in Bratislava (SK) and in March 2017 in Blansko (CZ). As you know the UNICA 2018 will take place in Blansko. You will see their presentation after the GA on the 11th of August.

The Friends of UNICA have received via @mail Christmas and New year wishes, and in fact some addresses need to be updated. We could consider as well the birth date, to send birthday greetings too.

At the time being we count 57 Friends, of which 18 are couples. We do have a new request from Eva Thunell, she would like to become a friend of UNICA.

The next activity will be our annual meeting at UNICA 2017 in Dortmund, on the 9th of August, from 13:00 to 15:00. Details will follow in place. Thanks in advance to Wolfgang Freier who will show one of his wonderful souvenir movies.

Our gratitude goes to Thomas Kräuchi too, both for this detailed work on member lists, and annual report and for his overall support.

My very best regards
See you soon
Tatyana Alahverdzhieva July 2017