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Member of the Jury 2016

PhDr. Zuzana Skoludova (Slovakia)

In 1978 I completed my course on the study of aesthetics and philosophy with the thesis "The Fundamental Problems of Film Aesthetics."

After that I worked in the Slovak Film Institute and took part in handling the history of Slovak professional feature film.

Since 1991 I have been working in the Culture Institute as a specialist in amateur film for the whole of Slovakia. I prepare various events (national competition, seminars, workshops, etc.) for our film amateurs.

UNICA in Italy, in Lido degli Estensi in 1992 was for me the first. Since then, I have frequently participated as the Slovakian delegate at UNICA Congresses.
In Slovakia, we have twice organised the UNICA congresses and festivals ourselves (2007 in Liptovský Mikuláš and in 2014 in Piešťany).

My jury experience has been gathered over a long time at various national and international competitions and festivals.

It is a great honour for me, that I can use this knowledge and experience in the international UNICA jury.