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Member of the Jury 2016

Jacqueline Pante (Italy)

If watching films is more than just a hobby, then you see more than just a good movie, your senses penetrate the film and go beyond it.

Logo of the Super8 & Video Club Merano Fedic.

I have been a member of the Super 8 (few still know what that is) and Video Club Merano Fedic for more than 20 years In these years I was able to learn what makes a movie a good movie, tangible aspects like screenplay, cinematography, directing, sound and acting, and emotional aspects like rhythm, storytelling and content.

I think that a film must touch you and your heart, despite technical perfection. In fact, short films, especially those made by independent and non-professional filmmakers can become poetry in pictures.

I have been member of the Jury at several UNICA competitions and some other smaller festivals.  I have organised some small film events in Merano and surroundings. In real life I am working as a Manager for a food manufacturer. I take every opportunity and spare minute to enjoy films.

I was born 1964

It will be again an honour and a pleasure to be part of the UNICA Jury this year, among illustrious jury colleagues. I’ll be happy to give my modest contribution to this challenging event.

Membre du Conseil International du Cinéma, de la Télévision et de la Communication Audiovisuelle auprès de l'UNESCO
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