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Looking forward to St. Petersburg

February 2015

Portrait of Georges Fondeur.Dear friends,

It is confirmed by Nina Zaytseva, President of the Organising Committee, that UNICA 2015 will take place as planned in St. Petersburg from 5th to 12th September 2015 in the Rodina cinema. This is irrespective of the number of participants.

Portrait of Nina Zaitseva.  Nina tells us that, all movies of any category whatsoever, will be admitted freely. In conversation with some committee friends at the Grand Off Festival in Warsaw last weekend, and with the help of translation by Zuzana Skoludova, she stressed that:
the entry forms for all films must include the notice: "appropriate for people aged 12 or older" or
"appropriate for people aged 18 or older."
Thus, the Russian legislation on ‘youth protection against eroticism and violence in film’ is sufficiently satisfied.

For cost reasons, due to lack of support from the city administration, there will be no youth program, which we greatly regret.

Jury and translation teams are accommodated in nearby hotels at the expense of the host. The committee and the other participants are free to pick a hotel of your choice. The list of hotels can be seen on the official website. These hotels were already all reserved by the host and can be booked from now on.

Please note that the large hotels accept credit cards as a means of payment.

The Congress card costs €250  and that is payable locally.

We should each get our own visa, either from the consulates or travel agencies. For larger groups, the visa can be issued as part of a cultural exchange... (what this entails I cannot say; maybe someone knows more). Perhaps cheaper!

The Organising Committee will send to each participant in UNICA 2014 a personal invitation, in order to meet the required formalities for obtaining a visa.

The committee at the Rodina Kino.On other issues, such as any restrictions on participants from individual countries Nina cannot, of course, make any statements.

The international situation and the cost of tickets, visas and Congress Cards will surely prevent some, if not many, from participating. However, I am of the opinion that our Russian friends will do anything to offer us more than a “slimmed down” UNICA and on the contrary, come up with a suitable social program, apart from the fact that just the city of St. Petersburg with its unique attractions is already worth the trip.

Further information on the exact program will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

With best regards,
Georges Fondeur, president

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