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Report of the Friends of UNICA

Portrait of Fred Graber.

Fred Graber
24, le Pralenet
tel +41 22 369 16 44

Annual Activity

Since the previous UNICA Festival the Friends of UNICA have been greeted with two newsletters sent by mail. Thanks again to Rolf Mandolesi for sending the document by standard mail to the non-connected.

There has been some correspondence with individual members.

Membership: At the end of July 2014 we had 116 members (including 32 couples).

Obituary: It was reported that Werner Kaufmann (aka Geko) passed away.

New member: Elisabeth GAIDOS (Austria)

Treasury: Please refer to the report submitted by the UNICA Treasurer.

The 2013 annual meeting of the Friends of UNICA

It took place on 28 August 2013 in the Social Centre of Fieberbrunn, with 48 persons attending. A musician playing the cithara delightfully entertained the meeting. As the jury discussion had not come to an end yet, we started the meeting with a hearty lunch. Afterwards Wolfgang Freier showed a retrospective film of the 1998 Congress in Zillertal, Austria. Warm thanks to Wolfgang for his work and logistic support, though not easy, it was perfect.


For the reception, the ticket office and the management we could once again rely on the expert assistance offered by Ursula and Thomas Krauchi, together with Ursula Graber. Warm thanks! We also thank the 2013 UNICA Organising committee headed by Wolfgang Schweiger who gave us full support for the events and the tribute paid to him for that was well deserved.

Wishes left unfulfilled:

Our search for a person or a group prepared to organise again an extraordinary meeting of the Friends of UNICA has not been successful. Maybe this meeting could be arranged again on the occasion of a committee meeting.

2014 Meeting of the Friends of UNICA:

The meeting has been scheduled for the 29 Aug. 2014 in Piest'any.

Ursula and Fred Graber
July 2014