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Report regarding the UNICA
Film Library Website

Portrait of Arie de Jong.

In 2001 a website for the catalog was developed.

The new address is: http://ariedejong.eu/filmlibrary

 In the website several sortings are available:

  • sequence number: now 1219 film entries
  • year (with descriptions)
  • film maker, with explicit naming of 24 film makers with more than 3 films in the library
  • title
  • country
  • format
  • category
  • 1 minute
  • medals

This year 23 films from 2013 have been added, of which 10 with a description. The film descriptions have been transferred from the country leaflets.

Thomas Kräuchi did a tremendous job by examining the whole film library and to provide all films with new labels. About 6 films were missing and he found 9 new films. He added some new film descriptions.

I do appreciate feedback on the form and content of the website. So please don’t hesitate to send your remarks to


Arie de Jong
UNICA film library webmaster