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UNICA Committee :
A Communiqué to all the member federations

December 2013

Portrait of Georges Fondeur.

It is the duty of the committee to give notice that during the annual festival in 2013 in Fieberbrunn, an incident occurred which is unique in UNICA history.

At the insistence of the French Federation FFCV and after prolonged to-ing and fro-ing, a film maker admitted, that a large part of his film had been copied in vision, sound and commentary from the German version of the 2004 international television production entitled Genesis II and Man created nature.

We refer to the movie Meru lebt by the Swiss film maker, Bernhard Girsberger, which was presented in the official program of the swissmovie organisation. It was awarded a silver medal by the jury and the Spielberg Award, sponsored by the Austrian organisers.

Meanwhile, the person concerned has returned his awards and the film has been removed from the official list.

Prizes previously won in Switzerland by this movie have now been returned. The Swiss Federation for its part has also taken drastic measures. The film was removed from all Internet platforms.

The committee will consider at its next meeting, with the question of how such occurrences, i.e. fakes, can be prevented in the future.

On behalf of the committee:
Luxembourg,  December 2013.
Georges Fondeur.