1997/98 Report of the Committee by the Secretary General

This report covers the period from the UNICA'97 Congress till the UNICA'98 Congress. It is written and sent to all member Federations of UNICA about one month before the UNICA Congress '98. Reporting of occasional developments between the time of writing and the General Assembly 1998 will be added to next year's Report of the Committee.

General Assembly 1997
The subjects and decisions of the General Assembly 1997 in Warsaw (Poland) have been put down in writing in the proceedings of this General Assembly.

UNICA Congress 1997
The UNICA Congress 1997 was held from 15 till 24 August in Warsaw (Poland).

Some statistics:
Visitors from: (According to the list of visitors)
Poland 5 (plus a lot of visitors not mentioned in the official list) Germany 53 Netherlands 41 Switzerland 32 Belgium 28 Austria 23 France 13 Italy 12 Croatia 11 United Kingdom 7 Slovakia 5 Norway 4 Sweden 4 Spain 3 Estonia 3 Iran 3 Lithuania 3 South Africa 2 Argentina 2 Denmark 2 Finland 2 Hungary 2 Luxemburg 2 Czech Republic 2 USA 1 Latvia 1

Number of film entries: 129, of which 24 UNICA Jeunesse

Participating countries: A (Austria), AND (Andorra), B (Belgium), CH (Switzerland), CZ (Czech Republic), D (Germany), E (Spain), EST (Estonia), F (France), FIN (Finland), GB (United Kingdom), H (Hungary), HR (Croatia), I (Italy), IR (Iran), L (Luxemburg), LT (Lithuania), LV (Latvia), MK (Macedonia), N (Norway), NL (Netherlands), PL (Poland), RA (Argentina), S (Sweden), SK (Slovakia), USA

Jahangir Almassi - Iran
Sverre Årnes - Norway
Maciej Dejczer - Poland
Werner Kaufmann - Switzerland
Pierre Michel - France
Tomasz Wert- Poland
Vlado Zrniç - Croatia

UNICA Congresses in the following years
1998: Austria 28 August - 6 September: Mayrhofen - Zillertal
General Assembly: 28 August
1999: Finland 30 July - 8 August: Lappeenranta

Meetings of the UNICA Committee
14 August 1997 Warsaw
Extract of topics and decisions:

Decision on the films to be shown (depending on the payment of contribution and the required projection time). Three programmes were too long. Some films have been withdrawn by the delegates.

Nomination of discussion leaders for the public discussion of films (in 4 language groups).

As the postage charges for film packages from the film library to Iran are too high, Iran is prepared to pay an additional fee to UNICA.

UNICA will donate CHF 500 for the victims of the floods in Western Poland.

Georgia will be allowed to show a film of 22 minutes.

Poland donates a special prize for the most interesting programme. The organizers will provide for a prize for the best Jeunesse film, which will be paid by UNICA. Poland will provide for the 2nd and 3rd prize of the World Minute Movie Cup, at the cost of UNICA.

17 August 1997 Warsaw
Extract of topics and decisions:

Division of tasks and duties: Zeljko Balog will take over the responsibilities of Björn Andreasson regarding the World Minute Movie Cup. Franz Rienesl will assist in getting information and checking the spelling of UNICA News. Tula Turtia is responsible for the organization of UNICA'99 in Lappeenranta. If Tula needs help, Max Hänsli is prepared to come to Finland. Ctirad Stipl is elected for UNICA News.

The Committee will send a fax with condolences regarding the decease of Boris Khodjaev to Uzbekistan.

19 August 1997 Warsaw
Extract of topics and decisions:

The organizing committee of UNICA'97 promises that maximum 30 seconds of a film will occasionally be used for TV-broadcasting.

After a discussion of about an hour the Committee decides that the function of press officer will be abolished as it coincides with the function of UNICA News.

Meeting with jeunesse in the Theatre on Thursday, 17:00, in the Theatre. All Committee members are welcome.

One Shot Movie Cup is a good initiative and should be continued.

13 to 16 November at Beveren (B)
The Committee Meeting is held in Beveren (Belgium) from 13 till 16 November 1997.
The meeting is hosted by Gisela Schultz, assisted by Messrs. Benoot and Freier, who organized a meeting of Friends of UNICA at the same occasion.

Present are: Hänsli (President), Baca, Balog, De Jong, Kräuchi, Lejosne, Mandolesi, Michel, Puls, Rienesl, Schober, Schultz, Stampehl, Turtia and Verlinden.

Absent is: Stipl

The members and advisors of the UNICA-Committee have been accompanied by the ladies Hänsli, De Jong, Kräuchi, Michel, Puls, Rienesl, Schober and Stampehl and by Mr. Freier.

Extract of topics and decisions:

Michel has sent a letter to Rispal to thank him for all the work he did for UNICA. Rispal didn't reply (yet).

Michel has sent a letter to IFTC to inform this institution of the succession of Rispal by Michel.

Hänsli has sent a letter to Walterscheidt with congratulations for the awarding of the UNICA merit medal. Walterscheidt's health is in a poor condition.

Hänsli has sent a letter to the new director of the Iranian Young Cinema Society.

There is a written proposal of Belgium and a proposal expressed by Germany, regarding the treatment of jeunesse during the UNICA Festivals. Formerly UNICA paid a congress card and the organizer provided for (board and) lodging . Traveling expenses had to be paid by the youngster or by its Federation. Last year the Committee decided that a young filmmaker has to have a film in the competition in order to be entitled to get (financial) privileges. If all countries would send a young filmmaker, this would cost UNICA 35 x USD 200 = USD 7000. This amount of money UNICA can't afford to spend. The principal question is put: Why should UNICA treat jeunesse different? Rienesl will write an article for UNICA News summing up the advantages of having jeunesse in UNICA.

In the future the organisers have to inform the UNICA Committee in time when they are not able to satisfy their duties as published in the "List of duties for the organisers of a UNICA-Congress".

Videofilms may not be modified, unless allowed by the filmmaker or the delegate.

Next year the Committee will discuss about the introduction and the consequences of the Euro currency.

The following countries have not paid their contribution since 1995: Puerto Rico, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine. They will be regarded as "corresponding members"; they are not allowed to enter films, unless they have paid their dues.

Pioneer Film of Georgia will be invited to represent Georgia in the future.

Federations may publish from UNICA-News.

Federations may order additional copies.

The UNICA website is visited 5 times a day on average. There are already some links to websites of Federations and festivals. The name is: http://www.knoware.nl/users/unica

4 to 7 June 1998 at Lappeenranta (FIN)
The Committee Meeting was held in Lappeenranta (Finland) from 4 till 7 June 1998.
The meeting has been hosted by Tula Turtia.

Present are: Hänsli (President), Baca, Balog, De Jong, Kräuchi, Lejosne, Mandolesi, Rienesl, Schober, Anna-Freier, Stampehl, Turtia.

Absent are: Michel, Puls, Stipl, Verlinden

The members and advisors of the UNICA-Committee have been accompanied by the ladies Hänsli, De Jong, Rienesl, Schober .

Extract of topics and decisions:

All prices will be mentioned in FIM only. Of course, when the currency-rate between FIM and EUR (Euro) is fixed from January 1, 1999 the prices may be given in EUR, as well.

The cost of a congress-card will be FIM 1200 before June 1999. After June 1 it will be raised to FIM 1300.

Belgium is asking for a General Assembly during the Congress, as it is intending to organize a group travel on Friday. The delegate would like to join this group travel. He would then not be able to participate in the General Assembly. This proposal can't be honoured, as the programme for the Congress already is too tight.

The General Assembly will start at 10 AM on July 30, 1999

Friends of UNICA will meet in a special room in the townhall on August 3 from 1 to 2.30 PM.

A One Shot Movie Contest will be organised by the organisers

Entry Forms must be returned before May 31, 1999

The Secretary General has sent a fax to Gisela to congratulate her and Wolfgang Freier with their marriage. Gisela has changed her name into Gisela Anna-Freier. The message has been put on the UNICA Internet website, under "Latest News".

Some countries have shown their compassion on the decease of Jupp Walterscheidt.

Helga Walterscheidt and her daughters have sent a card with thanks for the shown sympathy of so many UNICA friends.

The Secretary General and Jean Claude Lejosne will visit St. Petersburg after this Committee Meeting and have talks with the club in St. Petersburg.

Regarding UNICA'98 Zillertal:
The General Assembly will start at noon on August 28, 1998.

To introduce the national programmes a video is shown with a short compilation of the national news-programme. This video has to be sent to Bernhard Hausberger. He will send a request to all federations. Moreover each federation may show an introductory film like last year of maximum 1 minute.

The title "Weltmeister" ("World Champion") is introduced by Bernhard Hausberger. This title will not be officially recognized by UNICA and will not be used in the future anymore.

Malta shows interest in hosting UNICA 2000. It has sent an official application. The Secretary General has given a lot of information, incl. the "List of duties for the organisers of a UNICA-Congress". The Maltese organisers have asked the Secretary General to come to Malta to discuss further details. An advantage might be that more English speaking people would be attracted to visit a UNICA Congress.

The Netherlands has put itself as a candidate for UNICA 2000, as there were obviously no other serious candidates. But in case Malta proves to be a capable organiser with a reasonable programme and price-setting, The Netherlands will voluntarily withdraw its candidacy.

In the future copies for the UNICA Film Library will be made in S-VHS. They will be kept in the Film Library. Films to be lent will be copied on VHS.

All films will be checked by Schober with regard to image and sound quality.

The Federations will be asked to leave their videotape which has been shown during the UNICA competition, if it is selected for the Film Library. This will be mentioned on the Entry Forms.

Gisela tries to finish an updated "Who is Who?" before UNICA'98.

A subscription on UNICA-News will cost DEM 10 per year.

All countries should give information about UNICA and its activities in their own periodicals. For instance the Reports of the President and Promotion for next UNICA's.

The Olympic Committee is designing a building in Lausanne. It intends to proclaim a film competition and film festival on this occasion. If UNICA-Patronage is requested, then it will be granted for CHF 100. Two jurors from UNICA will be available. Spain is willing to organise the festival.

Members of UNICA
By mid-July 1998 the following 35 countries are a member of UNICA:
A (Austria), AND (Andorra), B (Belgium), BG (Bulgaria), BH (Bosnia & Herzegovina), CH (Switzerland), CZ (Czech Republic), D (Germany), E (Spain), EST (Estonia), F (France), FIN (Finland), H (Hungary), HR (Croatia), I (Italy), IR (Iran), L (Luxemburg), LT (Lithuania), LV (Latvia), M (Malta), MK (MACEDONIA), N (Norway), NL (The Netherlands), NZ (New Zealand), PL (Poland), RA (Argentina), RUS (Russia), S (Sweden), SK (Slovakia), SN (Senegal), UK (United Kingdom), USA, UZ (Uzbekistan), YU (Yugoslavia), ZA (South Africa)

Corresponding Members: GG (Georgia), PR (Puerto Rico), UA (Ukraine),

Slovenia has applied for membership of UNICA.
USA and Norway have sent a message that they will resign from UNICA.

The names and functions of the current members of and counselors to the Committee may be found in the margin of the first page of this report.

Communication (partly identical to the text of the Annual Report of 1997)
The UNICA Committee considers communication with the member Federations very important. New and urgent developments will be reported immediately to the member Federations. The President has sent three letters with current developments and decisions to the member Federations.

The Secretary General has set up an up-to-date address file of all member Federations with names, full addresses, telephone and fax numbers and the languages which have to be used in the correspondence, divided into preferred and readable language.

A recent development is the use of e-mail (electronic mail) via Internet. The Secretary General has an e-mail address (unica@knoware.nl), this is a "mailbox" where letters may be sent to via Internet using a computer and a modem. This is a very quick and cheap way of sending and receiving original texts and drawings. At this moment 9 Committee members and advisors have an e-mail address.

The most recent development is the use of Internet: a website for UNICA has been developed and is regularly updated. It contains a lot of information about UNICA and its activities.

UNICA News contains a lot of (background) information about UNICA's developments, member Federations, officials, authors, films and world-wide competitions with or without the patronage of UNICA. This bulletin is sent three times a year to all member Federations and to the Friends of UNICA and has been produced by Ctirad Stipl (Czech Republic) (e-mail: pspkantech@stbk.mcs.cz).

Another important means of communication is the information about UNICA and its activities to the members of "Friends of UNICA", presided by Gisela Anna-Freier, whose name changed from Gisela Schultz at April 17, 1998 by her marriage with Wolfgang Freier.

Thanks to the translation work of Jean-Claude Lejosne, Hansjoachim Stampehl, Gisela Anna-Freier, Miette Verlinden and the Secretary General all member Federations get letters and information in their preferred language: Dutch, English, French, German and occasionally Russian.

Heerlen, The Netherlands,
July 1998
Arie de Jong
Secretary General