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Monday 3 September

Depths and heights of the Moravian Karst

For this outing we divide into five groups starting 20 minutes apart. The start is from Hotel Skalní mlýn, so Group One is those people staying in that hotel. Meanwhile people from the other hotels are brought across by bus. In addition to the hotel's coffee and bar facilities there are souvenir and ice-cream shops while you wait.

Picture of the Punkva Road Train.

We set off by colourful road-train to the cave entrance.This has a small exhibition space and a fascinating shop.

In the Punkva Caves.

We begin the walking tour of the Punkva caves ...

Boat ride on underground Punkva river.

Then we link up with a cruise on the underground river Punkva. We sit in modern steel boats powered by steerable electric motors at bow and stern, which allows for tight manouevres.

We re-emerge into the light by the Punkva cave entrance.  A few metres along the road is the station for the cable-car which will carry us to the top of the Macocha Abyss. There are some awesome views to be had - and the chance to buy teas, coffees and soft drinks.

We return by cable car to the Punkva Caves entrance and catch the road-train back to the Hotel Skalní mlýn for lunch.

In the afternoon, the trip will continue to the town of Boskovice, where you will visit The Jewish Quarter and the Synagogue, and it will finish in Černá Hora with the brewery tour, dinner and social
evening. Černá Hora is a village which is home to a large brewery and the Sladovna Hotel. We tour the brewery and beer museum, have our dinner at the hotel's fine restaurant and a social evening with music. Afterwards coaches return people to their hotels.