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79th UNICA 2017

The Jury - for the first time in 2017 there will be only five jurors.

Portrait of Bernhard Lindner. Bernhard Lindner

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Portrait of Darko Basheski. Darko Basheski

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Portrait of  Georges Fondeur.Georges Fondeur

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Portrait of  Sunčica Fradelić (Croatia). Sunčica Fradelić

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Portrait of Aase Hoegfeldt. Aase Högfeldt

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The Competition in 2017

The competition is for non-commercial/amateur film makers. There are no restrictions on subjects or styles.

Two or three times each day the jury will go on stage and make comments on the films they have just seen. Thus each film is discussed. Such remarks are not definitive and may not indicate the final scores for the films.

The awards will be made in three categories of film:

  1. Main - any author (film maker) not included in the other categories.
  2. Young UNICA - a student up to and including age 25 who is in full-time education but not in a film school.
  3. Film School - each national organisation may include a maximum of two films from students who are studying film making in a school. There is no age limit.

In 2017 there will be no public voting. The jury will decide the awards in private. They will be announced and prizes given on the afternoon of Saturday 12th August.

The jury will give an award to the best film in each category, but there will be no film awarded as "best of the festival".

The jury will award the Most Interesting National Programme.

They also award the "Delmiro de Caralt" medal, which is awarded to a work witnessing to the values of tolerance and peace fostered by UNESCO.

National Programmes

Only national organisations which are members of UNICA can contribute films to the festival. Entry is not open to individual or club film makers.

List of UNICA members.

Programme Length

Each member federation has a maximum of 60 minutes.
After each film there is a 2 minute pause for the jury to make notes. The exception is the last film in the group which does not need to be followed by a special pause.
film 1 15 mins
02 mins
film 2
18 mins
02 mins
film 3
23 mins
60 mins
Each federation may also present a 3 minute introductory film which is not judged and does not count within their hour.
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