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GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Zeche Zollern, Dortmund, Germany
11th August 2017 14:00

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Committee Members Attending

Dave Watterson (President)
Jeanne Glass (Vice-President)
Bernhard Lindner (Vice-President)
Jacqueline Pante (Secretary General)
Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer)


Tatyana Alahverdzhieva
Mitze Chapovski
Wolfgang Freier
Franka Stas

Also Present

Eric Jaeger (President of the Congress)
Max Hänsli (Honorary President)
Tatyana Alahverdzhieva (Friends of UNICA)
Wolfgang Freier (UNICA Patronage)
Serge Michel (IFTC Liaison)
Claire Auda (Translations)
Odilon Dubost (Translations)
Romy Van Krieken (Translations)

Not Present

Zeljko Balog (Adviser)
Paweł Łęski  (Adviser)
Rolf Mandolesi (Adviser)

Members Present

Czech Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom

1. Opening address by the President of the Congress

Welcome by the Chairman of the Congress Erik Jaeger.

Claire Auda, Odilon Dubost, and Romy Van Krieken translate the meeting simultaneously into French, German and English.

2. Verification of the delegates’ authorities

represented by Josep Rota Paris (Spain)
Dr. Georg Schörner
Michelle Cooreman
Tatiana Alahverdzhieva
Croatia Zvonimir Karakatic
Czech Republic Ing. Jaroslav Kolcava
Estonia represented by Julia Obraztcova (Russia)
Finland Pentti Kemppinen
France Marie Cipriani
Germany Barbara Zimmermann
Italy Jacqueline Pante
Liechtenstein Max Hänsli
Luxembourg Jean Reusch
Macedonia Mitze Chapovski
Netherlands Vladimir Murtin
Norway Turid Marthinsen
Republic of Korea YoungUee Yoo
Romania Viorel Ieremie
Russia Julia Obraztcova
Slovakia PhDr. Zuzana Škludová
Spain Josep Rota Paris
Switzerland Fred Graber
United Kingdom Alan Atkinson
The membership of UNICA is currently 30 countries. Not present or represented:


Erik Jaeger opens the General Assembly.
Erik Jaeger opens the event.

Part 2

  • Patronage Report
  • Film Librarian's Report
  • "Friends of UNICA" Report
  • Admission of new members

Part 3

  • Modification of the UNICA Statutes
  • Proposals by FFCV
  • Congress plans for the next three years
  • Miscellaneous without a vote


Delegates voting at the GA.

3. AGM Organisation

Proposals by the Committee:

Chairman of the General Assembly - Dave Watterson
Secretary - Jacqueline Pante
Vote counters - Margreet Dyjk (NLD) and Rolf Leuenberger (CHE)

Approved unanimously.

4. Confirmation of the agenda

The agenda had been sent out by the General Secretary early in spring.  The Netherlands said they did not receive anything and therefore were not able to vote on the proposal of the FFCV. The proposal had been sent out in Spring to the National Organisations along with agenda. A printed copy was passed to  the Netherlands delegates.

Confimed unanimously.

5. Confirmation of the Secretary-General

Portrait of Jacqueline Pante.Proposal by the committee to approve the appointment of Jacqueline Pante as Secretary-General.  (Statute 4.4.5 In the event of a member resigning, passing away or being relieved of his/her office during his/her term, the Committee has a right to co-opt new members to ensure continuation of activities. Such coopted members must be submitted for approval at the next General Assembly).

Approved unanimously

6. Minutes of the General Assembly
UNICA 2016 in Suceava (ROU)

Portrait of Georg Schoerner.
The President proposed that Georg Schörner’s Minutes of the meeting should be approved. The minutes had been sent out in December 2016.

Approved: unanimously.

7 Address by the President of UNICA

Portrait of Dave Watterson.At the request of the General Assembly, the address by the President is not dispatched beforehand, but presented personally by the President during the meeting. A summary is available here.

The President invited Ms. Doina Ieremie and Mr. Bushevski (deputy mayor of Suceava) to the stage. Both expressed appreciation and thanks for UNICA coming to Suceava in 2016 . In return the President stated UNICA’s appreciation for being the guests of the city in 2016.

The President explained, that it is very difficult to control all we do at UNICA, as we are from different cultures and countries. The best way was to take it as it came. The President reported several trips to festivals in the name of UNICA, giving the preference to those events, which have UNICA patronage. The vice presidents had also travelled to represent UNICA.

The committee had introduced some procedural changes this year, so on Saturday morning there would no longer be the public jury vote, but a workshop about plagiarism. The committee had started to think about shortening the UNICA congress.

He reminded delegates that if any of the National Organisations did not like the changes made, they should write to the General Secretary and their comments would be considered at the next committee meeting.

Austria - Georg Schörner : [While a microphone was being taken to him, the President called for applause for our former secretary general.]

Dr. Schörner said that the Austrian board had asked him to present some thoughts about the changes. Not having a public vote reduces the suspense for the audience, there is no way to trace back how the jury members voted. Furthermore they thought that the secret jury voting carries a risk of promoting certain countries, consciously or not. The Austrians thought, that this leads to huge disadvantages. However they were fair enough to see how it would work this year.

Dr. Schörner also noted that Statute 7.2 states that the committee is entitled to amend and change regulations (other than those in the statutes) and to decide when such changes come into force. It also includes the sentence: “The General Assembly may review and amend decisions subsequently,” but no rule or provision for this has been declared. Hence they did not know when this might happen. Would it be at the next GA meeting when the committee presents all the decisions to the GA? Or should the National Organisations raise their concerns obeying the rule that such matters must be raised 5 months before the GA? This point is quite controversial, therefore they believe it must be amended. They are in favour of the decision power of the committee, however they do believe, we need to have a template to submit such decisions to scrutiny by the GA.

The President thanked the Austrian committee. He reminded the meeting that the delegates were always the ones in charge; they could make proposals as the French had done; and there was always the chance to raise matters under the last item on the agenda.

8. Report of the Committee by the Secretary General

The report by Jacqueline Pante had been circulated in advance in three languages and in detail to the National Organisations. As one of her tasks the Secretary General underlined the importance of communicating and informing people throughout the world about the UNICA organisation. The full report is here.

Applause for Jacqueline Pante.

9 Report of the Treasurer

Portrait of Thomas Kraeuchi.The report had been sent to the member organisations. (Click here to see it as a pdf.)

Treasurer, Thomas Kräuchi, reports that it has been a positive year. The budget was met. Additional expenses arose due to the legal consultancy. The report is close to the year before. There are no questions.
The report is approved unanimously.

Applause for Thomas Kräuchi.

10 Report of the Auditors

Portrait of Jan Essing.Mr. Jan Essing read the auditor’s report done in Vienna. The report (in 3 languages) had been sent to the member organisations. They had nothing further to say.
(Click here to see it as a pdf.)

[The President commented that it was the first time that there had been 4 General Secretaries in the same room: Arie de Jong, Jan Essing, Georg Schörner and Jacqueline Pante.]

11. Discharge of the Committee

Approved unanimously

12. Election of the Auditors

As Doris Dvorak would no longer be available to act as an auditor, the committee proposed Mr Sydney Allanson as third auditor.
The auditors are
1.    Jan Essing (Netherlands)
2.    Bernhard Zimmermann (Germany).
3.    Sydney Allanson (Switzerland)
Approved unanimously

13 Determination of the following year's contribution

The committee proposed to keep the membership fees as they had been in the previous year: 200€, 400€ and 900€ per year.
Approved unanimously

14. Confirmation of the budget

The budget has been set, we assumed that we would be balanced and that we will be able to stick to it. The committee proposes to accept this budget.

Accepted unanimously

These Minutes were approved by the 2018 General Assembly

Most photos by Werner Schönborn

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