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Tuesday 8th August - Whole Day

Departure from the Zollern Colliery across the Dortmund harbour to ...

the Dortmund U. The building of the former Union brewery is now a museum with a spectacular view over the city.

Then to the blast furnace plant at the Phoenix place. Where once raw iron was produced  there is now an industrial, recreation and adventure area. Film and photo stop.

Next to Phoenix Lake, the former site of the Krupps steel works, now an artificial lake with water sports and surrounded by upmarket housing. Film and photo stop.

Dortmund harbour.
The Dortmund U museum.
Dortmund blast furnace.
Dortmund Phoenix Lake.

Off to the Rohrmeisterei at Schwerte, a former pumping station for drinking water is now a culture centre on the river Ruhr.
Here we have our lunchbreak.

Next stop: the Hohensyburg ruined castle, high above the confluence of the Ruhr and the Lenne. It offers a panoramic view ober the Ruhr valley.
Film and photo stop.

We return to the Zollern Colliery by way of the technical university campus, the technology park and the Signal-Iduna-Park, home to Borussia football team.

18:00 we goto the Vienna House Easy hotel in the suburb of Castrop-Rauxel. It is based round the Goldschmieding manor with its origins in the 13th century.  There we have dinner.

Schwerte Rohrmeisterei.
Signal-Iduna-Park stadium.
Haus Goldschmieding.

Thursday 10th August 09:00 - Half-Day: choose one of six options

Westfalenpark (max. 25 people)

The 70 hectares of Westfalenpark are a popular destination for recreation and excursion. There is a rotating restaurant inside the 220m tall TV tower. The national rose garden with up to 3000 different types. This trip is a must for any nature lover.

BVB - Signal-Iduna-Park (max. 50 people)

A look behind the scenes of the biggest soccer stadium in Germany - home to Borussia Dortmund. You can feel the special atmosphere of the stadium in the catacombs and especially in the Borussia team rooms.Then walk through the player’s tunnel to the sidelines and the view of the world's largest standing room, "The Yellow Wall“.

DASA  (max. 50 people)

DASA presents the workplace of the past, future and present. It focuses on the world of work, its importance for individuals and society, and the importance of human-oriented organization of work. More than 180000 people visit the DASA per year. The special highlight of the exhibition is the Airbus A320 flight simulator.

Brewery museum (max. 25 people)

Dortmund has a long and successful brewing tradition. In the 1950s and 1960s it was the beer capital of Europe. The process of beer brewing is explained and you will learn about the history of the Dortmund breweries. The guided tour takes about an hour, afterwards a beer tasting with 4 glasses of Dortmund beer (à 0.1 l)  takes place. The tour ends with a brewery gift, the Dortmund glass.

Westfalen Park.
Signal-Iduna-Park stadium.
Dortmund brewery museum.

Variety of faiths at the Borsigplatz (max. 25 people)

Immerse yourself in the world of faith, a journey from the Occident to the Orient. The journey leads you through three churches: an evangelical church, a Russian Orthodox church and a mosque. In each parishioners explain the origin of the church. You will hear tales of parallels and differences as well as interfaith tolerance. The journey ends with tea and pastries.

Backstage Airport-Security (max. 25 people)

The Dortmund Regional Airport handles about 2 million passengers each year. Life at the airport is exciting. What, for example, does a suitcase experience? A look behind the scenes with expert guidance gives answers to many questions. The visit focusses on the airport fire service and the giant Panther fire engine. Luckily we will be close to „Christoph“, the helicopter of the Air Rescue Foundation and the police helicopter.

13:00 Lunch

All the groups meet at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dortmund for lunch.

All programme details may be subject to change.

Russian Orthodox Church.
The Dortmund airport Panther.
Interior of Zeche Zollern.
Front view of the Zeche Zollern.

DASA by Siegfried von Brilon Brewery by Mathias Bigge Russian Church by Joehawkins Panther by Dmitrij Rodionov Zeche Zollern by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas & by Paiz ALL FROM WIKIMEDIA COMMONS