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UNICA 2015
General Assembly

St. Petersburg, Friday September 11th 13:30

Committee Members

Georges Fondeur (President)
Jeanne Glass (Vice-President)
Jan Essing (Secretary General)
Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer)


Zeljko Balog
Wolfgang Freier
Artashes Hovanessian
Rolf Leuenberge
Bernhard Lindner
Rolf Mandolesi
Alois Urbanek

VIPs / Special Assistants

Max Hänsli (Honorary President)
Fred Graber (Friends of UNICA)
Serge Michel (IFTC Liaison)
Dave Watterson (Webmaster)

  1. Portrait of Nina Saitseva.Opening address by the President of the Congress, Nina Zaitseva.

  2. Verification of the delegates' authorities by the Secretary General.
    country / delegate / (deputy)

    • ANDORRE   
    • ARMÉNIE   
    • CROATIE  
    • ESPAGNE   
    • ESTONIE  
    • FRANCE
    • GÉORGIE 
    • HONGRIE 
    • IRAN   
    • ITALIE 
    • MACÉDOINE   
    • NORVÈGE   
    • PAYS-BAS
    • POLOGNE   
    • RÉP. CORÉE
    • RUSSIE
    • SLOVÉNIE   
    • SUÈDE   
    • SUISSE
    • TUNISIE   
  3. Constitution of the bureau:

    • chairman of the meeting (proposal: Georges Fondeur)
    • secretary (proposal: Jan Essing)
    • 2 scrutineers
  4. Confirmation of the agenda

  5. Vote on the proceedings of the General Assembly UNICA 2014 in Piestany (SVK)
    [Read the Minutes and associated papers online here.]

  6. Address by the President of UNICA (will be read)

  7. Report of the Committee by the Secretary General and discussion.
    [Read the report online here.]

  8. Report of the Treasurer
    [Download it as a pdf here.]

  9. Report of the Auditors (will be read) and discussion

  10. Report of the Film librarian and discussion.

  11. Report of "Friends of UNICA" and discussion
    [Read the report online here.]

  12. Report on UNICA Patronages.
    [Read the report here.]

  13. Report of the delegate to I.F.T.C. and discussion
    [Read the report here.]

  14. Report regarding UNICA Web and discussion
    [The report can be found here ... or download it as a pdf here.]

  15. Discharge to the Committee

  16. Modification of the UNICA Statutes
    [See the proposals as a pdf here.]

  17. List of candidates for members of the Committee
    [See the candidates here.]
  18. Election of the Committee

  19. Election of the Auditors

  20. Admission of new members.

  21. Discussion and vote about proposals submitted by the Committee: None

  22. Discussion and vote about proposals submitted by the members: None

  23. Determination of following year's contribution.
  24. Confirmation of the budget.

  25. Selection of the place and dates of the Congress for the following three years:
    2016: Suceava (ROU) decided
    2017: Germany (DEU) decided

    2018: provisional decision for candidacy. In good time the committee received the proposals from the following countries to host UNICA 2018 :

    - Czech Republic, Blansko.
    [Download their letter as a pdf here.]
    [Download a promotional leaflet as a pdf here.]

    - The Netherlands, Leeuwarden.
    [Download their letter as a pdf here.]

    The letters, regarding these proposals were sent:
    11-05-2015 (Czech member CVU) and 09-06-2015 (Dutch member NOVA) so in good time (36 months before the start of UNICA congress 2018). The committee brings this to the General Assembly without any advice.

  26. Farewells

  27. Miscellaneous, without vote.