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Jürgen Liebenstein, first chairman of the film and video club at Landshut Community College, has developed an information tool for GDPR, that is perfectly tailored to our needs. It is a website, and so can be updated at any time: www.runamind.de

You will not only find answers and opinions on all relevant questions about the GDPR, you will also find links and references to further articles and to tools to help you generate GDPR-compliant privacy statements as well as techniques to use if, for example, you do not want to integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos directly into your websites.

We urgently recommend that at least all club Chairmen, Regional Chairmen, advisers and webmasters carefully consider this tool.

Translate It

Note www.runamind.de is in the German language. If you use the Chrome browser, you can ask it to translate automatically.

There are translation add-ons for other browsers.

You can also go to https://translate.google.com

Computer translation is sometimes clumsy, but is usually good enough for you to understand.


We recommend that for all events organised by a National Organisation a sign be clearly displayed saying:

Events may be recorded in audio and video form. These recordings may be used to keep our members and the public informed via the Internet and in our own newsletters and magazine. They may also be passed on to print, electronic and other media.

By participating in this event, visitors declare that they together with everybody associated with organising the event agree that such recordings may be used for these purposes and also, sometimes, published on the Internet.

A responsible approach to legal issues is just as much a part of filmmaking as pressing the shutter button of your camera.
But don't let yourself be too worried, stay creative and continue making films.

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