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Data Privacy

Of Ogres in the age of bits and bytes

The attempt to give clear explanations about GDPR shows that there will be no simple answers for the time being.

Film clubs, like any other clubs, process personal data. So, whether we like it or not, we are forced to deal with the EU data protection regulations. It is important that we accept the regulations and deal carefully with them. This is in our own interests and in the interests of our clubs and our regional associations. We mustn’t be too unsettled by this topic, that nobody can conclusively assess at the moment.

You should definitely put your Data Privacy Declaration on your club website. It must be clearly visible and also accessible from sub-pages at any time. This is the most urgent requirement, but that does not necessarily mean it is all you have to do. In countries where an “Impressum” is required, it must also be up to date.

If someone (no matter who) asks you for what purpose and in what way you store and process personal data in your association, you must be able to provide that information. Therefore, you also urgently need to have procedures in place and be able to provide good answers.

If you have not been involved in things GDPR yet, you should immediately:

  1. Study the topic of GDPR. Look at the Information tool by Jürgen Liebenstein on www.runamind.de

  2. If required in your country, update the “Impressum” of your website according to GDPR and create a GDPR-compliant data protection declaration (see the information tool)

  3. Draw up notes on data handling procedure for your club or association.

At BDFA we received numerous enquiries on the subject, which will may be of interest to all. On these pages you will find examples and our answers.

Please note that we give this advice according to the best of our knowledge and beliefs, but due to the complex situation and uncertainties on the subject of the GDPR, we cannot guarantee that our information, recommendations and drafts can withstand extensive legal scrutiny. The laws may be interpreted differently in each country.

Help! What should we do?

Our recommendations to clubs and regional associations are first of all: show the public that you have the topic in mind and update your website accordingly as soon as possible in accordance with the GDPR.

Read and use the information tool by Jürgen Liebenstein! There you can also have a GDPR-compliant data protection declaration created for your website. The operation is self-explanatory. We know it's hard to keep track of things, but nobody is exempt from keeping themselves well informed.

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