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Proposals to host UNICA 2016


The Suceava Town Council

Map of Suceava in Romania.DECISION

With regard to the approval in principle of the organising of the Festival and Congress of the International Union of Cinema (UNICA) in 2016.

The municipal council of the city of Suceava, in the light of reasoning nr.29.o25 of 10.24.2013, Report of the European integration and service development strategies nr.29.029 of 24/10/2013 and committee report of education, foreign policy, health, family, culture, religion and social work;

In accordance with the Law 273 of 2006 on the public finances, under the provisions of article 36, paragraph 2, Buck rod "b" and paragraph 4, Buck rod "d", Art.47 and Art 49 of the Law 215/2001 but local administration, with subsequent amendments and supplements

Czech Republic

Blansko Town

Map showing Blanski in Czech Republic.We would like to announce with pleasure that the Czech UNICA Committee – the Czech National Union of Nonprofessional Film (ČVU-CSNF ČR) in close co-operation with the town of Blansko, NIPOS Prague and the Southmoravian Region in Brno have decided to ask the UNICA Organization to be allowed to organise the World Contest of Nonprofessional Film in 2016. This competition would be held in Blansko (Southmoravian Region, the CzechRepublic).

We want this candidature to be announced officially in front of the UNICA General Assembly members in time of the 76th UNICA Contest and Congress 2014 in Piešťany, the Slovak Republic.

The reasons to open this candidature for the 78th UNICA 2016 in Czechia are as follows:

  • There was established the 1st Czech Amateur Film Club in 1936 – so 2016 year is the anniversary year for the Czech nonprofessional filmmovement in general.

  • Blansko town will celebrate its the 880th foundation in 2016.

Assumed support for the78th UNICA 2016 in Blansko, CZ consists of :

  • The Blansko town

  • The Southmoravian Region, Brno

  • The Czech Ministry of Culture, Prague

  • Other sponsors.

There was made the basic preconditions checking by Mr Wolfgang Freier (the UNICA secretariat member) in June, 15th, 2014. His inspection results were recommended. The actual promotional activities for the 78th UNICA Blansko, CZ will be provided in occasion of the 76th UNICA 2014 in Piešťany, Slovakia by photos and DVD presentations.

Signed by responsible representatives :
The Czech UNICA Committee:
The Blansko town:
Jan Vačlena Dipl. Ing.– prezident   Mgr. Ivo Polák– town mayor

Image credits: Map of Romania from CIA World Fact Book. Map of Czech Republic from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).