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President's Report 3 of 3


The Committee cannot accept the charge, that it was primarily, or in any way responsible for the mishap in Korea, as was reportedly the opinion of a few people. It should said here and now that we feel sorry for the film friends who had already joined a tour group to go, before or after the UNICA, on a discovery trip to China and had already paid in part for that. We are also sorry for those who had already booked their flight and hotel in Korea and are in a difficult position. However, it should be stressed here that these people were taking a significant financial risk, because at that time there was not even a registration form on the official website of the organizers.


A committee like ours, which sees itself as the executive organ of the umbrella organization of all members’ national federations, can only function well, when a trusting relationship is maintained between all its officers. Otherwise, a lot of precious time and energy is wasted resolving internal friction or even disagreement.

It is not important that we always agree on everything, but it is important that if a decision is taken, it is supported by all committee members. This is an elementary rule in a democratic organization and a prerequisite for a practical, open, relevant and promising process within the committee. All the more so because our Rules of Procedure, Article 4.7, state that a majority decision is binding on all members.

Summing Up and Thanks

UNICA has in its long and turbulent history faced many a storm and gone through troubled waters, which threatened its existence, and yet she has survived the rocks and shoals to circumnavigate all that without major damage. I am of the firm belief that it will remain so in the future. In fact, and in many places the UNICA is now in a better position than ever before, as is not least reflected in the fact that we have many candidates who are willing to organize the UNICA Congress for the next five or more years.

Three years tenure is long and short at the same time. For the elected committee there remain two full years to tackle some essential reforms, and to do so in discussion with and in full agreement with the affiliated associations. I expect that in Piestany in Slovakia, it will be necessary to have a general discussion of whatever important innovations are deemed necessary and recognized as important. We hope to prepare for this in the coming year with objectivity and with the necessary realism. For my part, I am proud to continue to be part of this team in all its components and I am confident that in the medium term we will bring the work we have begun to a satisfactory end.

However, I do not want to close without directly expressing my gratitude to my colleagues of the Committee, who for four years now, have managed with me the fate of UNICA and worked unselfishly for the good.

My special thanks go to our Secretary General, Jan Essing, as well as our Treasurer, Thomas Kräuchi, both in addition to their already time consuming tasks, worked tirelessly and steadfastly to locate a full-fledged replacement for Korea. They were actively supported in this campaign by Wolfgang Freier our “travelling emissary”. His role and his personal commitment are often insufficiently appreciated, and I hope that this recognition will change that.

Last but not least, I am, we are all, indebted in the highest degree to Alois Urbanek. After unsuccessful negotiations with many other associations, he never for a moment hesitated, and has brought the anniversary edition of UNICA to Austria. Dear Alois, you, the Central Committee of VÖFA and the team from Fieberbrunn have truly got us out of a jam. The past few days have shown that you have, despite all the time and other constraints, given the 75th UNICA a heart and soul, and what’s more a gleaming polish. Thank you so very much.

- Georges Fondeur

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